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Kol Ami

The Northern Virginia Reconstructionist Community

Adult Education

Kol Ami offers a variety of educational programs and social opportunities for adults. Two committees support these programs. The Adult Jewish Education Committee, plans and implements Jewish religious and cultural education programs. Social programs and other non-ritual events are covered by the Programs Committee. This page lists our ongoing and upcoming programs and offers information about programs we’ve held in the past. If you’d like to suggest a program for either committee, please contact the appropriate chairperson.

Join Rabbi Gilah Langner, in a variety of Adult Education programs on Sunday afternoons at the Unitarian Universalist Church, 4444 Arlington Blvd., Arlington, VA. The classes are interactive, free, and open to the public; no prior knowledge is necessary. For more information, contact rabbi@kolamivirginia.org

Sunday January 29, 2017, 5-6:30 PM. Let’s Talk About Ethics! Social Media:  What Does the Talmud Think? You don’t need to have a Twitter account to tackle the ethical issues raised by new technology. Join us to explore practical dilemmas, cases, and choices that accompany this brave new world. We’ll study Jewish texts that have a bearing on the issue, and formulate some ethical precepts from a Jewish perspective.


Sunday March 26, 2017, 5-6:30 PM Making Room for Miriam: Seder Ideas and Innovations Two weeks before Passover, we’ll take the opportunity to delve into new ideas and innovations for a Seder. Miriam has become a popular presence at the Seder table, but there are many more rituals and approaches to liven up a Seder, incorporate thought-provoking discussions, and engage all generations in the proceedings.


Sunday April 23, 2017, 5-6:30 PM Jesus: First Century Rabbi Rabbi Gilah Langner with Reverend Linda Olson Peebles
How do Jews view Jesus?  How did Jesus compare to the other Jewish sages of his time? Using the recent book by Rabbi David Zaslow, Jesus: First Century Rabbi, we’ll explore the identity and stance of Jesus as a Jewish rabbi. How Jewish was Jesus? How similar or radical were his legal and spiritual teachings compared to other leaders of his time? What impact does looking at Jesus in this way have on Jewish-Christian relations? The class is open to the public; we particularly invite the participation of members of our host church, the Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington.



Sunday May 14, 2017, 5-6:30 PM Sad?  Happy?  Sad?  The Adventures of Lag Ba-Omer The holiday of Lag Ba-Omer (which falls on May 14 this year) is a curious one — its historical origin is shrouded in legend, its customs and atmosphere murky. Is it a sad day in a happy stretch of time, or a happy day in a sad period of the calendar? We’ll look at the possibilities, and also explore how Lag Ba-Omer has taken on new life as a result of Zionism and mysticism. We invite you to follow the class with a potluck picnic and bonfire in honor of Lag Ba-Omer.


Sunday June 4, 2017, 5-6:30 PM Nine Essential Things We’ve Learned About Life Join us for a fast-paced workshop on Rabbi Harold Kushner’s recent book, Nine Essential Things I’ve Learned About Life. We’ll discuss, write, read, draw, present, kibbitz, and spend some thoughtful time putting together our personal stories and life lessons.

Schmooze Club

The Kol Ami Schmooze Club, led by Madeleine Levy, will plan fun activities (e.g., Jewish Jokes night), discussions about politics (e.g., Israel, Middle East, elections), religion (e.g., God, Nature, atheism), the arts (books, movies, plays).  The idea is to have fun, let our hair down and discuss topics that are otherwise taboo (politically) or too sensitive (religiously), or just plain interesting.

Seminar Series & Workshops

dsc_0011Ketuvim: Facilitated by Marcel Infeld, the Ketuvim class met monthly to discuss these books. The class ran until September 2016.

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