Kol Ami — The Northern Virginia Reconstructionist Community

Officers & Committees

The following is a brief description of the committees that have been established by Kol Ami, the Northern Virginia Reconstructionist Community.

Each committee is under the leadership of one to three community members. As more people become involved and express an interest and/or expertise in establishing and chairing additional committees, we will do so.

If you would like either to join a committee or develop a new committee (or if you would like more information about a committee) please e-mail admin@kolamivirginia.org, and your request/comments will be forwarded to the appropriate individual. Or feel free to write directly to our President, Vice-President, or Children’s Program Chair.

Adult Jewish Education Committee – This committee plans and implements Jewish education programs for adults, focusing on Jewish religious and cultural topics.

Care and Concern CommitteeThe Care & Concern Committee facilitates support to Kol Ami members experiencing life challenges, such as illness, disability, grief, death, loneliness and aging. Support includes maintaining lists (Yahrzeit, healing, resources), providing transportation and food, assisting with Shivas, and offering healing services and educational programs. 

Children & Family – The Children & Family Committee organizes and runs Kol Ami’s Jewish Children’s Education Program (JCEP), multiple family-friendly holiday celebrations each year, and helps with the B’nai Mitzvah Program. JCEP is a small school with approximately 20-30 students, taught by volunteer teachers from the Kol Ami Community, and focused on Hebrew language skills and Jewish Studies. Annual family-friendly holiday celebrations we organize include High Holiday Children’s Services, Hanukkah, Tu BiShvat, Purim, and a JCEP-led Shabbat service/pizza party.

Honors Committee – The Honors Committee identifies Kol Ami members whose contribution to the community has been exceptional. It proposes them for recognition as Kol Amites of the Year or as recipients of the Hineni Award.

Inclusion – The Inclusion Committee strives to raise awareness of and respond to the special needs and concerns of our members. We work to identify and remove potential obstacles to their full participation and to build a fully inclusive culture in the Kol Ami community.

Membership Committee – The Membership Committee provides a personalized welcome to new and potential members in order to help new members find a fulfilling home in our congregation. The membership committee also reaches out to departing members to better understand why Kol Ami was no longer meeting their needs.

Ritual Committee – The Ritual Committee plans the Ritual calendar of services and establishes policy with regard to religious services and other activities (i.e. Passover Seder). Its work  includes: food and kashrut issues, format for services, adherence to holiday customs and ceremonies, and answers to questions about established ritual issues. Members of this committee might have skills and/or interest in leading lay-led services. This committee also interfaces with Kol Ami’s rabbinic support.

Tikkun Olam Committee – The Tikkun Olam Committee seeks out and organizes opportunities for volunteer action.

Kol Ami Officers

July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019

President Debra Linick president@kolamivirginia.org
Vice President Jane Schulman vice-president@kolamivirginia.org
Secretary Ted Joseph secretary@kolamivirginia.org
Treasurer Erv Walter treasurer@kolamivirginia.org
Past President Lynda Erinoff past_pres@kolamivirginia.org

Kol Ami Committees

July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019

Position Name Email
Steering-At-Large Members Gordon Achtermann
Rayna Aylward
Jon Baumgarten
Mattie Cohan
Lance Feiner
Mindy Rudell
David Sidransky
Jason Wright
Adult Education Richard Ruth adult_ed@kolamivirginia.org
Care and Concern Rayna Aylward, Chair
Susan Freiband
Joan Goldfarb
Betsy Greer
Louise Lerner
Toni Popkin
Sharon Sterling
Children & Family Mindy Rudell, Chair
Dayna Davitz
Joan Goldfarb
Emily Toll
Fundraising David Sidransky, Chair
Honors Ed Bomsey, Chair
Rayna Aylward
Jane Petkofsky
Toni Popkin
Mindy Rudell
Inclusion Toni Popkin, Chair
Todd Birkenruth
Harriet Epstein
Louise Lerner
Cameron Vanore
Membership Jane Schulman, Chair
Dayna Davitz
Jane Petkofsky
Ritual Mike Jawer, Chair
Erin Bueno de Mesquita
Mark G
Joan Goldfarb
Margie Jervis
Steve Pershing
Jane Petkofsky
Anne Salzberg
Rabbi’s Programming Elenor Hodges, Chair planning@kolamivirginia.org
Tikkun Olam Mattie Cohan, Chair
Elizabeth Lower-Basch, Chair
Key Volunteers
Healing List Toni Popkin healing@kolamivirginia.org
JCRC Liaison jcrc@kolamivirginia.org
Leyning Coordinator Anne Salzberg
Liaison to Synagogue
Disability Inclusion
Working Group
Toni Popkin inclusion@kolamivirginia.org
NOVA Education Directors’ Council Liaison Jason Weiss
Reconstructionist Movement Lynda Erinoff jrf@kolamivirginia.org
Schmooze Club Madeleine Levy schmooze@kolamivirginia.org
Shabbat Hosting Valerie Herold hosting@kolamivirginia.org
Webmaster webmaster@kolamivirginia.org
Yahrzeit List Betsy Greer yahrzeit@kolamivirginia.org

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P.O. Box 1801, Annandale, VA 22003
Phone: 571-271-8387
Rabbi's Study: 202-364-3006

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The Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington
4444 Arlington Blvd.
Arlington Blvd. (Route 50) & George Mason Dr.
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