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KARE – Kol Ami Refugee Engagement Project

Introducing the KARE Project – Kol Ami Refugee Engagement Project: A Kol Ami 5783 Tikkun Olam Project – For the High Holidays and Beyond

It’s a new year and Kol Ami is launching a new Tikkun Olam Project.  We hope you will be a part of it!

Through the KARE Project, Kol Ami is making a commitment to support some Afghan Refugees who have settled in our area.  These new neighbors helped serve the US in their old home country and now they need our help in their new home country.  These brave men, women, and children are starting over again from scratch; many have very little and face  steep challenges in getting settled and building new lives.  If you can think of something, they probably need it, from cash to household furnishings to transportation to just even friendly faces. That’s where we come in.

For KARE, Kol Ami will be both fundraising and “time-raising.”

We have created a specific donation option on our donation menu on the website to collect funds to be used solely to help support our new friends.  We hope you will take the opportunity during the High Holidays to make a donation if you are able!

In addition, you will have the opportunity to pledge some time towards helping our new friends out.  This could be offering your time to do such things as: drive to and from a doctor’s appointment; converse in English to help improve language skills; help create resumes or complete job applications; shop for some groceries or household items; etc.  There’s no minimum (or maximum) time commitment and actual tasks will be worked out with you and our new friends as we go along.

As part of the High Holidays observance, we will give everyone participating at services the chance to write down on one piece of paper some kind thoughts of welcome for our new friends, and on another, one particular thing you might be able to do to help them with, or a time commitment you aspire to make.  We’ll share the words of welcome with our new friends.  And we’ll be getting back to you if you’re able to offer some time and assistance.

While the KARE Project is starting with the High Holidays, it’s not ending there.  This will be an ongoing project through all of 5783 (and beyond, if necessary).

I want to help KARE!

If you are interested in assisting the KARE Project or making a donation, please enter your contact information in the form below.

To donate, fill in the information below. It will take you directly to Paypal. If you make a donation, your physical address is required.


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