Kol Ami — The Northern Virginia Reconstructionist Community

Shabbat morning service co-led by Herb Levy and Caron Dale

February 20, 2021    
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Don’t forget to remember. Why remember Amalek and Hamon? Why the specificity described in parsha Terumah on exactly how to build the Mishkan? What is collective memory? Cantorial Soloist, Lox & Vodka band leader, award winning songwriter Caron Dale returns to Kol Ami for her annual co-led service with Herb Levy. Together, we will build our internal tabernacles as we get in touch with Shekinah, the presence of the One through communal prayer.

Visitor are welcome. Please register below by Feb. 19th at 4pm to receive the Zoom link.  You can view the service handout HERE.

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