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Shabbat Morning Services led by Herb Levy at the home of Herb and Madeleine Levy

July 27, 2019, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

This service will be held at Madeleine and Herb Levy’s home. Herb Levy will lead the service. The parsha/weekly portion is Pinchas. Pinchas is a zealous priest who kills a Midianite woman and her Israelite lover at the entranceway to the Tent of Meeting. In this portion, Pinchas is rewarded for his actions and is given the covenant of Peace and eternal Priesthood for his descendants. In stark contrast, Kol Ami’s Inclusiveness policy affirms that all members, both Jewish and non-Jewish, are welcome to participate fully in prayer services and all the rituals of those services. We’ll wrestle with Pinchas’s actions and his reward. We’re faced on a daily basis with those whose zealotry infuses their actions. Do they embody the Will of God or are their firmly and narrowly held beliefs contrary to that Will as it has continued to be revealed?

Madeleine and Herb will provide a dairy/vegetarian lunch (likely bagels), but absolutely need your ">RSVP to assure quantities are correct. 

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