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Adult Talmud Study – On Zoom

May 10, 2022    
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Ever wonder about the Talmud – the ancient Jewish compendium of law, philosophy, legends, rabbinic debates, and more? Kol Ami invites you to participate in an ongoing Talmud study group, lay-led once a month, facilitated twice a month by an experienced Talmud hand, Jacob Kelter.  The group meets on Tuesday evenings at 7 pm for an hour.  We follow the framework of the worldwide Daf Yomi (Daily Page of Talmud) movement, selecting material to study in English from each week’s worth of summaries from My Jewish Learning.  The group’s wide-ranging discussions are friendly and welcoming, and our stance is pro-women and LGBT-affirmative. No prior Talmud/Jewish background needed!  If you’d like to read summaries of the material to be discussed each week, sign up for My Jewish Learning’s Daily Dose of Talmud in your email box.

To obtain the Zoom link, please contact the coordinator at .

Jacob Kelter was introduced to Talmud study about 12 years ago. Since then, he has ranged across nearly the full spectrum of religious observance from orthodox to almost completely secular. One of the only constants across this journey was his love for Talmud study. Some of his first Talmud learning experiences were with Svara, the “traditionally radical yeshiva.” After that he spent some time learning in orthodox yeshivas in Israel and, after leaving orthodoxy, has returned to learning with Svara. In his professional life, Jacob is a PhD candidate in the joint Computer Science and Learning Sciences Program at Northwestern University. His research interests lie in creating and studying computational tools for making sense of complexity in the world.

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