Kol Ami — The Northern Virginia Reconstructionist Community

Inclusion at Kol Ami

Kol Ami strives to raise awareness of and respond to the special needs and concerns of our members.  We work to identify and remove potential obstacles to their full participation and to build a fully inclusive culture within the Kol Ami community.

Our efforts on inclusiveness have spanned multiple paths in recent years — becoming more welcoming to differently abled people, being more fully inclusive of the LGBTQ community, and adopting a radically welcoming approach to non-Jews participating in our worship.  In 2017, our congregation unanimously affirmed our ritual and prayer services as being open equally and fully to both our Jewish and non-Jewish members.  We are one of only a few congregations to affirm this practice.

For more information or to share information about your inclusion needs and how we can welcome your involvement at Kol Ami, please email us at: .


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