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Care and Concern/Inclusion Committee

The Care & Concern/Inclusion Committee facilitates support to Kol Ami members experiencing life challenges, such as illness, disability, grief, death, and loneliness. Support includes:

The Care & Concern and Tikkun Olam Committees have stepped up their activities significantly during this period of social distancing. To learn more, visit Caring Goes Virtual.

In honor and recognition of the chairs who have with great care and constant concern led our efforts to provide solace and support in the congregation:

Rayna Aylward & Toni Popkin, co-chairs (2019-Present)
Rayna Aylward (2018 – 2019)
Harriet Epstein (2015 – 2017)
Janice Cooper-Levy (z”l), our founding chairperson whose warmth and kindness are never forgotten (2013 – 2015)


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