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By Susan Freiband

June 2021

One of the facts of everyday life during this second year of the global pandemic are changes  happening in different parts of an increasingly interconnected world, not only impacted by the global health crisis, but also by a complex  environmental crisis, including climate change.  I would like to share a poem that I wrote in this context, entitled “Transitions”.



Mean change, are a given, essential part of life.

No stopping time passing, age increasing.

Now second decade of the twenty first century

2021, enveloped in a global pandemic

that stamps its own mark;

switches normal routine

into masks, social distancing,

fear of being too close;

wary of strangers, physical contact, crowds.

So what does global health crisis

mean on the smallest level?

Highlights transitions, pushes them to the fore;

draws on awareness, strength, resilience, patience, hope,

makes respect, kindness, trust, empathy, connection

more essential for just staying alive;

for survival of human beings

on a planet already in peril from climate change,

from human greed, power, inequality, injustice, war.

So how to handle transitions, where to stand, think, feel, act,

how to seek balance, presence, renewal,

grounded on the inside and out,

changing with the flow of time and age,

through the second decade of the twenty-first century.


Part of the challenge of positive aging is to acquire and use skills needed to effectively manage and move through changes  occurring both on a large and a small scale.  It’s important to be aware of periods of transition, draw on strength and resilience to move through them, as well as patience and hope to maintain a positive or optimistic  point of view in the process.  This involves being present, grounded, seeking balance, a sense of renewal.  May each of us weather the many transitions in our lives with this perspective and these skills.


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