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The Kol Ami community celebrates together in moments of joy and comforts each other in times of struggle. Please contact us for the following lifecycle services:

Brit Milah/Simchat Bat:  

Rabbi Gilah and other members of Kol Ami are happy to help guide you through the celebration of your son or daughter’s birth, and to welcome the child into the Jewish community.  These rituals can be conducted in the home or our worship space, and can be customized by the family.  We can also provide names of mohalim for a circumcision.

B’nai Mitzvah: 

Kol Ami offers beautiful Bnai Mitzvah services in the Sanctuary or small chapel at UUCA, led by Rabbi Gilah Langner.  Bar and Bat Mitzvah students are invited to become students in our JCEP program, to gain an intuitive feel for Jewish traditions and develop a cohort of classmates and friends.  The final year of JCEP includes preparatory training for the Bar or Bat Mitzvah, and is supplemented by a tutor who concentrates on the student’s individual Torah portion.  Please visit our Bar/Bat Mitzvah page for more information.


Mazel tov!  We’re happy to play a role in the celebration of your marriage — whether at Shabbat services before the wedding, at a huppah/wedding ceremony in the lovely Sanctuary of the UUCA, or at a wedding in an outside location.  Rabbi Gilah is licensed to perform weddings in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and is pleased to work with you to customize the traditional Jewish wedding ceremony with modern blessings, songs, and readings.


At Kol Ami, we welcome people in every stage of their spiritual path and look forward to discussing and supporting your journey.  Rabbi Gilah is available to consult with anyone interested in joining the Jewish people.  Generally, the preparatory period includes taking an introductory course on Judaism, participating in the life of the community, and preparing for the conversion ceremony and bet din.

Death, Grief and Mourning:

Kol Ami encourages members to prepare for death and dying in a consciously aware manner, both for themselves and their loved ones.  Our guidance booklet, When Someone Dies, offers advice about the death and dying process and Jewish traditions.  Rabbi Langner is available to meet with members as they are dealing with sensitive emotional issues as well as practicalities of locating funeral services and cemetery plots.  Our Care and Concern Committee provides help during difficult times, and takes care of a shiva minyan after a loss.

If you have any questions about lifecycle services, please email our Communication and Administrative Coordinator or Rabbi.  We are here to help walk with you through these life passages.

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