Kol Ami — The Northern Virginia Reconstructionist Community

Tu B’Shvat Celebration

January 16, 2022    
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Join us for the quirky, ancient, urgent celebration of trees and Planet Earth on Tu B’Shvat, the Jewish new year for trees. As we eat fruits of different kinds, we’ll have skits, songs, videos, and fun. And we’ll ask the question: what are the four things in the natural world we cannot live without?! Print out this Seder plate and get ready with grape juice, fruits and nuts from one (or more) of the Four Worlds of our Jewish mystics:

— The world of asiyah: nuts with hard outer shells (pistachios, walnuts, almonds, etc.)
— The world of yetzirah: fruit with hard pits inside (cherries, dates, olives, dried apricots, dried peaches, etc.)
— The world of beriah: fruits that are edible inside and out (grapes, figs, clementines)
— The world of atzilut: beyond fruit (cinnamon? chocolate?!)

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