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2021 Kol Amite of the Year Awards:

Starting in 2021 the Kol Amite of the Year Awards have been renamed to honor the memories of beloved members of the congregation. 

Betsy Greer “I’ll Do It!” Award for New Initiatives

Jason Wright – Junior Kol Amites

Members and Visitors Team:  Judy Greenblum, Debbie Linick, Emily Schwartz-Greco, Willa Siegel, Cameron Tarry

Toby Greenwald Award for Leadership in Worship Services

Rayna Aylward, Robin Cook, Ruth Anne Faust, Susan Freiband, Mike Jawer, Louise Lerner, Leslie Lesner, Herb Levy, Elizabeth Lower-Basch, Jim North, Steve Pershing, Jane Petkofsky, Toni Popkin, Richard Ruth, Jane Schulman, Cameron Tarry, Anne Salzberg, Jason Weiss

Janice Cooper-Levy Award for Exceptional Service to Members in Need

Rayna Aylward

Mark Weisenbloom Award for Leadership in Jewish Education

Mike Jawer
Richard Ruth

Awards for Exceptional Service – “Above & Beyond”

Rabbi Gilah Langner
Meryl Paskow

Past Kol Amite of the Year Awards

2019 Emily Toll, Jason Wright, Jon Baumgarten, Toni Popkin, Mattie Cohan, Emily Schwartz Greco, Ed Bomsey
2018 Harriet Epstein, Mike Jawer, Madeleine Levy, Richard Ruth, and Jane Schulman
2017 Joan Goldfarb, Betsy Greer, Marcel Infeld, Elizabeth Lower-Basch, and Toni Popkin
2016 Rayna Aylward, Lynda Erinoff, and Mindy Rudell
2015 Carolyn Gray, Herb Levy, Eric Rosenberg, and Erv Walter

Past Young Kol Amite of the Year Awards

2019 Sarah Baumgarten
2018 Jerry Achtermann, Tess Achtermann, Nate Wright Bueno de Mesquita, and Emily Huber

Eleanor Sue Finkelstein Disabilities Advocate Award at the Pozez JCCNV

2019 Toni Popkin

Hineni Awards

(Annual recognition by the Chesapeake Congregations of Reconstructing Judaism)

2021 Rabbi Gilah Langner & Debbie Linick
2020 Rayna Aylward & Toni Popkin
2018 Mindy Rudell
2017 Erv Walter
2016 Herb Levy
2015 Richard Ruth & Jim North
2014 Don Kraus and Hope Warshaw


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