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Living Jewish

This year, Kol Ami’s Living Jewish class will be learning together about ways to bring Jewish principles, practices, rituals, and understandings more deeply and joyfully into our everyday contemporary lives. If the prospect of deepening your Jewish adult learning excites you, then – no matter your previous background – this class is for you. We’ll get to know each other well over the year, as we work our way through carefully selected, accessible readings, large group and small group experiences, and presentations with plenty of time for questions and discussion.

Some of the topics we’ll explore include daily and weekly  practices you can bring into your home and your daily life; ways we can make Shabbat and other Jewish holidays truly festive and special; important things we can learn from Jewish history and the rich diversity of Jewish cultures; and how Jews think, traditionally and in our times, about important questions of the day.

Kol Ami lives by strong values of diversity and inclusion. So this class particularly welcomes

  • Those eager to deepen their foundation of knowledge of Jewish traditions, practices, texts, and contemporary developments.
  •  People who are not Jewish but want to know more about Judaism and Jewish culture.
  • Those considering becoming members of the Jewish people through conversion. After completing this class, interested people will be ready to take the final steps toward formal conversion with Kol Ami’s rabbis.

As a Reconstructionist community, Kol Ami warmly embraces Jews of color, is pro-women and LGBTQ-affirmative, and actively welcomes people with disabilities. If you’d like to talk to one of our instructors as you consider this class, Rabbi Gilah Langner and Rabbi Richard Ruth are glad to speak with you. Please contact our coordinator to be in touch.

There is no charge for the class for Kol Ami members. We ask non-members to consider making a contribution for the year-long class. Classes will be held mostly on Zoom, Sunday mornings from 11-12, and all readings will be available free and online. Please register below to receive information and Zoom links.


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