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Positive Aging Blog: January 2023 – Reset Button, Positive Affirmations


by Susan Freiband

In elder years, awareness of the cycle of Jewish time, based on the Jewish calendar,
can enhance the quality of everyday living. The Jewish calendar provides many
opportunities to reexamine goals, intentions, expectations; to push the reset button,
renew and reenergize, shift gears, move in a different direction. In addition to Rosh
Hashannah, the Jewish New Year, and Tu’Bishvat (New Year of the Trees) each new
month, Rosh Chodesh, marking the new moon is an opportunity to take a break, a fresh
look at what we’ve done, how far we’ve come. Every week in celebrating shabbat there
is space for examining goals, intentions, along with prayer, songs, praise and blessing.

One approach to pushing the reset button, to facilitating positive change, is to set and
practice positive affirmations at each opportunity in the Jewish calendar, as well as on a
daily basis. This involves repeating out loud concise, short, positive statements (using
the present tense,“I am…”), focusing on a change that you want to make. This practice
can lead to a shift in thought and behavior. It can make a difference in self perception
and self esteem. Hearing these kinds of positive mantras said out loud encourages and
supports, as well as helps eliminate or limit negativity. Improving ones mindset in this
way is a valuable option in elder years when faced with physical and emotional
challenges that aging brings.

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