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Positive Aging Blog: February 2022 – COVID Connections: A Positive Report in Spite of Aging

COVID Connections: A Positive Report in Spite of Aging

By Harriet Epstein

Starting about 3 weeks ago, I developed a nasty sore throat and a headache. An avid reader of Covid U-Tubes, I had my suspicions and went off to my Primary Care Physician for a Covid test. As I sat in my car and opened my window, the Doctor shoved two things that looked like pipe cleaners – one down each nostril, about as far as they could go, dashed back inside his office with them, and promised 10 minute results. In 10 minutes he reappeared, confirming my Positive diagnosis, and mentioning that most of the current cases were not as serious as the early ones. He advised quarantining myself for 10 days and doing the usual things one does with a cold, hot drinks, chicken soup, lots of rest. He mentioned that the first 5 days would be the worst.

Thinking how terrified I had been in the early days, that Covid would kill me, that didn’t sound too bad. Fortunately I had received the first 2 vaccine shots and the more recent booster. I was also spending less time in groceries and doing carry-out food from restaurants. I believe I contracted the virus from an unavoidable someone, not to be named, who had all the symptoms of a bad cold who was blowing off in my presence the previous week. Now I had to e-mail friends with whom I had recently dined in a private home, to warn them that I might have infected them. Fortunately no one got it. That would have been so embarrassing, and possibly worse. I lost my voice for at least 3 days due to postnasal drip. My daughter who had been such a help to me before, avoided contact with me completely, because her immune system is not very strong.

I was scheduled to give a stamp talk on Zoom in a week. The doctor said he could give me steroids, if necessary to restore my voice. I began to picture myself looking somewhat like a female Arnold Schwarzenegger. Happily my voice came back in time to avoid the steroids, and I gave the talk. I still have some drip and nose blowing, and promise to stay away from all of you a little longer. However, I really do feel fine. I know that many of our Kolamites became quite ill from Covid, especially those who got it before we even knew it existed. My prayers for those of you who still suffer. May you continue to recover. I also knew others who died from Covid, sadly.

The message I want to give those of you who have not had IT, is be safe – do all the right things – wear the new masks – get the shots, stay away from places where strangers gather, etc. And if you do happen to test Positive in spite of being smart, keep calm. The odds are good that you will recover and be OK again before long

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