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Positive Aging Blog: Seasons of the Year, Seasons of our Life – December 2019

Seasons of the Year, Seasons of our Life

By Susan Freiband

December 2, 2019

It’s interesting to reflect on the four seasons of the year, each with its own character and feel, in relation to the seasons of our own life.  It seems appropriate to begin with spring, the season of birth and growth, including our own birth and early growing years, childhood and adolescence, into the early twenties.   This a time of realization and discoveries, forming identity and personality.   Then comes a long summer season when we settle in, start a job, career and family, stretching into our forties.  Then comes the fall when we reach the pinnacle of our work, gain a sense of accomplishment, think about new options, children grown, moving into our late sixties.  Finally, the winter season arrives when we seek other outlets during retirement, volunteer, travel, perhaps enjoy grandchildren, confront physical challenges of aging and recognition of our own mortality.

In each of these blocks or seasons of our life we can take the opportunity to remember the people we met and knew who helped, guided, impressed and influenced us.  We can remember turning points, challenges, major decisions made which greatly impacted our life, set it in a specific direction.  We can identify values and beliefs that sustained us, making us the people we are now.  When we do this life review, remember in these ways, it can bring understanding and insight, a sense of satisfaction and gratitude, all of which are essential aspects of positive aging.

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