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Positive Aging Blog-November 2020: Voting in the Age of COVID-19

November Kol Ami Positive Aging Blog

by Harriet Epstein

My blog is a little late this month because the hard drive of my PC crashed two weeks ago. My computer consultants have rebuilt a new computer for me, and I can now type again.

There’s a lot that could be said about November, and I had really hoped to issue a reminder to VOTE last week, but I suspect that no member of Kol Ami, 18 or older, needed that reminder. I did the “no excuse early voting” at a public library several days ago. I stood in line for about 40 minutes on a warm autumn afternoon, enjoying the color in the leaves, the children running on the lawn, and the voters in their colorful masks, carefully keeping the proper distance from one another.

Once inside, the various voting steps were divided into three sections so the line moved quickly to the final moment when each voter inserted his or her ballot into the voting machine. A task which is normally much simpler than this, that I’ve done since I was 21, suddenly seemed more important than ever. How wonderful that we still have the freedom to vote in this complicated time, and that the intelligence of the average citizen is appreciated, even when deciding may be difficult and problems abound! Thanks for your precious votes.

Please continue to take good care of yourselves, because Covid 19 is still raging. Please find a safe way to enjoy Thanksgiving with family and/or friends. And remember the warning about hypothermia. Dress warmly, and in layers when you go out. We are starting to see winter temperatures in the evenings.

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